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About Us

About Us

 Gandaki province under the Federal Republic of Nepal has its own identity as a result of  its natural beauty, organic resources, diverse  geography, social and cultural heritages and its self reliant economy. World famous Mount Annapurna  and Mount Manaslu are in Gandaki province.  The highest lake in the world Tilicho (4,919 m)  in Manang district, the world famous Kaligandaki  river and its lowest ravine in the world and Myagdi’s  Ruptse waterfall also fall in the province.  

Known for its natural beauty, Pokhara valley is  also known as the tourist capital. The breathtaking  Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains appear just  a touch away from Pokhara which is surrounded  by lush green vegetation. Dhaulagiri (8,167m)  Manaslu (8,183m) and Annapurna (8,091m) have  all contributed to the scaling up of the province’s  identity and tourism sector. The province also has  Nepal’s one and only hunting sanctuary Dhorpatan.  The province is also home to endangered and close  to extinction wildlife such as the Snow Leopard and  the Musk Deer. Exotic herbs such as Corydceps  sinensis (Yarsagumba, a valuable herb used  for different medicinal purposes), Tibetan Garlic  (Bhote Lasun), Taxus wallichiana also commonly  known as Himalayan Yew and Seabuckthorn are  

also found in the province along with the stunning  blooming of the red Rhododendrons in Ghorepani  and Orchids in the Panchase highlands. 

The province also has religious, holy and historical  sites. Falling in the mid region of the country Kaski,  Lamjung, Tanahu, Gorkha, Reesing, Ghiring,  Dhor, Tanahu, Garhaun, Painyu, Bhirkot, Parbat  and Nuwakot are part of the province. There are  numerous historical sites such as palaces and forts  in these places. For example, there is the Kaskikot  palace, Paudurkot, Thulakot and Khadgaunkot in  Kaski. Similarly, there is the Tanahusur palace,  Dhor palace, Reesing, Ghiring and Phurkot in  Tanahu district. Sites and destinations in the  province such as the ancient town of Lomanthang,  early settlements of the Gurung Kwoholasothar,  Muktinath a site of pilgrimage for both Hindus and  Buddhists, Manakamana in Gorkha district a site  of religious importance for Hindus. Kalika temple  in Baglung, Galeswor Mahadev temple in Myagdi,  Pokhara’s Brindabasini temple, Sataun Chandika  in Syangja, Dhorbaraha in Tanahu and Gorkha  palace in Gorkha are considered to be Nepal’s  historical and political epicenter and Lamjung’s  Gaunshahar palace all have their religious and  historical importance.