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Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari

The thick forest area in the middle of Nawalpur district provides an ideal spot for jungle safari. The safari within the community forest provides visitors with the opportunity to see Tiger, Deer, Wild Elephant, Rhino and other animal. This area is also known for being Nepal’s largest grassland providing managed grazing grounds for deer’s, elephants and rhinoceros. Likewise, the wetlands in the region provide sanctuary to rhinoceros and gharials which are managed and protected under the national parks.

Zip Flyer

Not for the faint hearted but for adventure fans, the zip line ride over the dense green hills between Sarangkot and Hemja in Pokhara take visitors on an adventure ride from an elevation of 1,625 to 960 m.

This is an extreme zip line with a vertical drop of 600 m over a 1.8 km distance and considered to be the longest, fastest and steepest zip line in the world. Along the ride, riders on the zip line could see Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, Dhaulagiri, Lamjung mountains as well the scenic view of the Pokhara valley.


There are 19 adventure sports companies that are providing their paragliding services to visitors in Pokhara alone. It is said that the world’s five renowned paragliding sites are in Pokhara. The sports have gained popularity amongst domestic and international visitors alike.

In addition to Pokhara there are other sites in Gandaki province which have paragliding sports such as Bandipur in Tanahu and Sworek in Syangja district. The sport in tandem with experienced and certified pilots. The 15 minutes in the air on these paragliding rides is exhilarating with view of Mt. Machhapuchhre to the north and the scenic Phewa lake below.

Hot Air Balloon

Providing a 360 degree view from above Pokhara valley, hot air balloons have made their mark as a collective adventure sport. Rising up to no more than 500 m above the valley, it’s a half hour ride which provides a bird’s eye view of the valley as well as a sweeping view of the Annapurna range, Machhapuchhre peak, Dhaulagiri, Himchuli, Lamjung mountains, lakes, forests and other landmarks around Pokhara. The balloon ride ends with landing around the banks of the Madi Khola river.

Adventure Swing

The swing is considered to the only one of its kind in Nepal at a height of 248 m over the Kaligandaki river between Kushma and Balewa. It is also considered to be the highest swing in the world with the sport being an individual adventure sport. Upon completion of the swing over the river, a winch is used to pull the person on the swing.


Canyoning Rappelling down natural fresh waterfalls or climbing those using ropes and harnesses is becoming a key attraction for the adventure enthusiasts. Known as Canyoning, the adventure sport allows people to be carried in high speed on downstream waterfalls. In close proximity of the Pokhara valley, a popular site for the sport is in Mahabhir (honey cliff) in Durlung in Parbat’s Kushma municipality.

Rappling down this waterfall cliff is very popular amongst foreign tourists due to the presence of wild beehives on the right side of the cliff. Due to its popularity as adventure sports, the government of Nepal has listed this spot in the 100 key tourism destinations. Another canyoning is in Lwang Ghalel Guan in Kaski district which is situated 1,350 m above sea level. The rappel down distance in the waterfall is about 45 m.

Bungee Jump

The adventure sport of Bungee jumping is very popular amongst domestic and international visitors in Nepal. First started in Sindhupalchowk by the Last Resort tourism company, bungee jumping is also in operation in Hemja in Kaski district. A 30 minute bus ride from Pokhara, the bungee jump in Hemja is a 70m fall from an iron/ steel structure like a crane to the river below. A bungee jump area is also constructed in Parbat due to the popularity of the sport amongst adventure tourists.


Skiing as a sport has gradually gained popularity amongst adventure enthusiast in the high altitudes of mountains in Gandaki province. Although skiing is possible only when it snows, skiing is possible in high altitudes even when it’s now snowing. Skiing events and competitions are organized in Mustang district.

Pony Trek

Riding on horseback in and around remote villages and mountain terrains is a unique and novelty experience. Due to challenging mountain trails and the absence of road, horses are still used for transporting goods and people.

The experience of horseback are available along most mountain trails namely on the Mustang-Muktinath walking route, Damodar Kunda, the Lakeside in Pokhara to Sarangkot, and in Manang, Mustang and Lamjung  districts within the Annapurna Conversation Area.


Rafting is an adventure sport which is popular in some rivers in Gandaki province. Rivers like the Kaligandaki, Setigandaki, Marsyangdi, Madi and Trishuli are key attractions for those seeking water adventure. Among the popular rafting activities is the three day trip from Nayapul in Parbat district to Mirmi in Syangja district. For solo and twin adventurist, kayaking and cannoning are popular sports that are gaining popularity in Gandaki.