Bihunkot, Shivalaya, Shivadhuri Jhuleni

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    Longitude: 82°52’47’’-83°40’38’’
    Latitude: 28°04’38’’-28°38’06’’

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    Maximum: 21.°c
    Minimum: 5°c

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    1673.2 mm

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    Sub-tropical, Temperate, Sub-Alpine

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    Hotel, Lodge, Resort and Community Home Stay

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    Dance-Lakhe, Maruni, Ghatu, Hanuman, Jogi, Ropai, Katuwal, Putali, Ghantakarna, Sisno, Khesnae, Bagh (Tiger), Mayur (peacock), Jhakri, Adi, Sorathi, Salejo, Kheli, Thado Bhaka, Cultural and religious fairs

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    Pokhara to Jomsom: 72 km by Bus

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    Health Service

    Hospital, Health Post, Ayurvedic Centers, Clinic

Bihunkot has been divided into two kots or palace armories known as an upper kot and lower kot. The Shivalaya temple dedicated to lord Shiva is also known as Tripureswor Mahadev.

It is also known as Ramkot amongst the local community there. The temple area is believed to have been constructed by “Bramhalin 1008 Swami Pramananda Saraswati” is a key pilgrimage site for domestic and external visitors. In the upper range there is Shivadhuri and Jhuleni range.

There is Shivadhuri Community Homestay for accommodating tourists. Rijal chowk, one of the strategic locations of Baglung also lies in this area and is the main entry point for Tarakhola rural municipality, which is popular for organic productions, rich in local cultures and war tourism.