Kailash Sanyash Ashram (Mahadevsthan)

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    Longitude: 83°40’46’’ -84°26’02’’ Latitude: 27°16’15’’-27°52’11’’

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    Maximum: 37.50 Minimum: 7.50

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    2,321.7 mm

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    Tropical & Sub-tropical

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    Hotel, Lodge, Resort and Community Home Stay

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    Dance- Lakhe, Maruni, Ghatu, Kauda, Damphu, Golyani, Latthi (Stick), Bhajan (hymns), Salejo, Badaka Itbar

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    Pokhara to Kawasoti 160 km by bus

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    Health Service

    Hospital, Health Post, Clinic, Ayurvedic Centers

The Kailash Sanyash Ashram is located 20 km west of Devghat Dham in Gaidakot municipality. This place is revered as a place of asceticism. This area is located close to the banks of the Narayani river to the south from where a wide angle view of the Chitwan National Park can be seen. To its east is the Kailash park and a large playground. Inside the ashram there are many old natural forest resources such as Sal (Shorea robusta), Willow, (Salix caprea), Rudrakshya (Elaeocarpus sphericus) and Red Sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus).

There are many artifacts and manuscripts that have historical, archeological and religious significance inside the ashram. The Department of Archeology  has been classified this area as a archeological site. Upon excavation of the site by the archeological department, a stone Jyotirlinga (sign/image of lord Shiva), statue of lord Ganesh and two stone carved lions.