Kushma Modibeni Area

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    Longitude: 83°33’41’’- 83°49’31’’ Latitude: 28°00’19’’-28°23’58’’

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    Maximum: 33°c Minimum: 7.5°c

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    2,706.4 mm

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    Tropical, Sub-Tropical, & Temperate

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    Hotel, Lodge, Resort and Community Home Stay

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    Dance- Maruni, Lakhe, Dhatu, Nachari, Kheli, Salejo, Rodi, Gallai Lahurae, Hanuman

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    Pokhara to Kusma 2 hours, Roads mostly dirt tracks

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    Health Service

    District Hospital, Primary Health Center, Health Post, Clinic

The area is known for the Modibeni Dham and the many caves in the area and is important site for pilgrims and worshippers. This place is also famous for having the four highest and longest suspension bridges in the country. With reference to religious places of worship, this place is noteworthy for the Modibeni Dibya Dham, Narsimha, Ram and Shivalaya temples, monasteries and the Sahasradhara or thousand fold spring. There are also caves such as Gupteswor, Alapeswor, Laleswor and Parbati which are fascinating and have religious connotation for pilgrims.

This area is also a key attraction for adventure sports including bungee jumping and sky cycling. Situated 10km north of the district headquarter Kushma, adventure enthusiasts come here to rappel down the Mahabhir waterfall in Durlung.