Larke Pass

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    Longitude: 84°24’17’’- 84°12’03’’
    Latitude: 27°47’40’’- 28°45’08’’

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    Maximum: 33.5°c
    Minimum: 2.3°c

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    1,628 mm

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    Tropical, Sub-Tropical, Temparate, Sub-Alpine & Alpine

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    Hotel, Lodge, Resort and Community Home Stay

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    Dance- Lakhe, Maruni, Ghatu, Salejo, Lekhi, Thado Bhaka

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    Pokhara - Abu Khaireni 84 km Abu Khaireni - Gorkha 26 km

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    Health Service

    District Hospital, Primary Health Care, Health Post, Clinic

Getting to Larke pass which fall within the Manaslu Conservation Area is a key destination for visitors in the district. The pass is located in Sama Gaun in Tsum Nubri rural municipality. The pass is fascinating for visitors to be amidst the monasteries and temples against the backdrop of the Himalayas. The Tsum valley and Nubri inside the Manaslu Conservation Areas are captivating places for visitors.