Srinathkot Mandali

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    Longitude: 84°24’17’’- 84°12’03’’
    Latitude: 27°47’40’’- 28°45’08’’

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    Maximum: 33.5°c
    Minimum: 2.3°c

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    1,628 mm

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    Tropical, Sub-Tropical, Temparate, Sub-Alpine & Alpine

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    Hotel, Lodge, Resort and Community Home Stay

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    Dance- Lakhe, Maruni, Ghatu, Salejo, Lekhi, Thado Bhaka

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    Pokhara - Abu Khaireni 84 km Abu Khaireni - Gorkha 26 km

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    Health Service

    District Hospital, Primary Health Care, Health Post, Clinic

Situated at 1,974m above sea level, Srinathkot and Tarkukot are places between Siranchowk and Sulikot rural municipalities. Historical documents mention Siranchowk being a congregation point for parayer and worship for the “Nath” Yogis group, and it is for this reason that this place is known as Siranchowk Mandali and the rural municipality as Siranchowk. The Srinath Mandali was considered by the then kings of the Shah Dynasty as being their protector. It is also believed that Shringi Rishi (yogi) meditated in this place. The area is also famous and has history attached to it for being the birth place of Amar Singh Thapa, the mid 17th century commander of the Nepal Army and Prime Minister who was hailed at the “Living Lion of Nepal”.