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    Longitude: 83°56’21’’ -84°33’42’’ Latitude: 27°44’27’’-28°07’46’’

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    Maximum: 37.50 C Minimum: 7.50 C

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    2,063.9 mm

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    Tropical, Sub-Tropical, & Temperate

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    Hotel, Lodge, Resort and Community Home Stay

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    Dance- Lakhe, Maruni, Ghatu, Kauda, Sorathi, Salejo, Kheli, Thado Bhaka

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    Pokhara to Damauli 51 km along the Kathmandu Pokhara Prithvi Highway

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    Health Service

    District Hospital, Primary Health Center, Health Post, Clinic

Tanahusur is said to be the last principality to be ruled by the Sen Dynasty of kings who governed the 22 and 24 principalities in Nepal. Harkumar Dutta Sen was the last king of the Sen Dynasty to rule here. Located at 1,242 m above sea level, Tanahusur is situated at an elevation which has 3 distinct hilltops known to the people as Tritung. Tanahusur is an ideal place for village tourism which provides visitors with religious, historical and cultural context of the region. The predominant Newar and Magar village has been steady flow of  domestic and external visitors to the village which has many homestays to cater to the demands for accommodation.

Once in Tanahusur, there are many storied to be listened to, cultural and historical heritage sites to explore, and also to enjoy nature and the environment there. One of the most interesting facts of this village is the bloosoming of the 500 year old “Shelinge” flower which happens two times a year in April and September. The flower is believed to be only found in Tanauhusar. Other attractions in the village are Aena Bhir, the well where the queen is said to have bathed and the royal store house of Sen kings.