Gaighat Waterfall

The waterfall is located in...

Satyawati Temple

The temple which is situated...

Bihunkot, Shivalaya, Shivadhuri Jhuleni

Bihunkot has been divided into...

Ghumte Plateau Area

The plateau area is considered...

Bhairabsthan Temple/ Bhakunde

The Bhairabsthan temple area is...

Rudra Lake (Gaja Pond)

Located approximately 2500 m above...

Baglung Kalika Bhagwati Temple

Situated inside a forest about...


With a size of 1,325...

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    Longitude: 82°52’47’’-83°40’38’’
    Latitude: 28°04’38’’-28°38’06’’

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    Maximum: 21.°c
    Minimum: 5°c

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    1673.2 mm

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    Sub-tropical, Temperate, Sub-Alpine

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    Hotel, Lodge, Resort and Community Home Stay

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    Dance-Lakhe, Maruni, Ghatu, Hanuman, Jogi, Ropai, Katuwal, Putali, Ghantakarna, Sisno, Khesnae, Bagh (Tiger), Mayur (peacock), Jhakri, Adi, Sorathi, Salejo, Kheli, Thado Bhaka, Cultural and religious fairs

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    Pokhara to Jomsom: 72 km by Bus

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    Health Service

    Hospital, Health Post, Ayurvedic Centers, Clinic

Historically Baglung was once known to be a business hub for Nepal’s northern and southern areas. It now serves as a transit centre for those visiting the Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Dhorpatan and Dolpo area.

With the construction of mid hill highway, Kaligandaki corridor, Saljhandi-Dhorpatan road and many other strategic road networks, there are many possibilities to promote Baglung as one of the potential tourism hubs.

It lies in the ring of Pokhara, Lumbini and Mustang, the most popular tourism destinations of Nepal. It is also becoming the entry point for the western part of Nepal through mid hill highway. Baglung bazar, the town is well connected with Myagdi’s Beni bazar and Parbat’s Kushma bazar. Baglung bazar is 272km west of Kathmandu, 13km south of Beni bazar and 12km north of Kushma and it is 72km west of Pokhara.

Although there are currently no air links to the district, there is an airstrip in the district in Balewa. There are 28 community homestays established in different locations of Baglung for accommodating domestic and foreign tourists. Baglung is the best place for trekking and rich in local Magar culture.

SNDistrictName of Comunnity HomestayMunicipality/ Rural MunicipalityWard Number
1BaglungMahuri Jharana Community HomestayKathekhola Rural Municipality7
2Dhorpatan Uttarganga Community HomestayDhorpatan Municipality9
3Phaparkhet Jhuleni Community HomestayKathekhola Rural Municipality4
4Thuldhunga Community HomestayKathekhola Rural Municipality8
5Shivadhuri Community HomestayKathekhola Rural Municipality5
6Atithi Satkar Community HomestayWaa Municipality10
7Righa Community HomestayGalkot Municipality11
8Torikhola Community HomestayGalkot Municipality2
9Galkot Stone Village Community HomestayGalkot Municipality6
10Siddhabaraha Community HomestayJaimini Municipality3
11Resha Community HomestayKathekhola Rural Municipality7
12Dottadeurali Community HomestayKathekhola Rural Municipality7
13Beldhunga Community HomestayKathekhola Rural Municipality7
14Siddhasthan Community HomestayGalkot Municipality10
15Waira Community HomestayKathekhola Rural Municipality7
16Sigdi Community HomestayWarang Rural Municipality2
17Khalawang Community HomestayDhorpatan Municipality2
18Shantinagar Community HomestayDhorpatan Municipality5
19Subjagau Community HomestayDhorpatan Municipality6
20Sip Community HomestayTarakhola Rural Municipality5
21Tarakhola Bahueudeshya Rambo Traut Community HomestayTarakhola Rural Municipality4
22Namduk Community HomestayJaimini Municipality10
23Maruni Community HomestayJaimini Municipality3
24Rangkhani Community HomestayJaimini Municipality10
25Handikot Community HomestayJaimini Municipality10
26Dhorpatan Kang Community HomestayDhorpatan Municipality9
27Pakhathar Community HomestayDhorpatan Municipality9
28Dhorpatan Community HomestayDhorpatan Municipality9
29Bhakunde Community Homestaywaa Municipality10
30Kikalta Community HomestayTarakhola Rural Municipality2
31Nisikhola Community HomestayNisikhola Rural Municipality2