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Ligligkot which falls under Palungtar...

Gorakh Kalika / Gorkha Cave

The Gorakh Kalika temple is...

Srinathkot Mandali

Situated at 1,974m above sea...

Larke Pass

Getting to Larke pass which...

Barpak / Larpak

Barpak which was at the...


Situated in the most northern...

Manakamana Temple / Cable Car

The Manakamana temple which is...

Gorkha Palace/Gorkha Museum

Standing tall on a hillock...

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    Longitude: 84°24’17’’- 84°12’03’’
    Latitude: 27°47’40’’- 28°45’08’’

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    Maximum: 33.5°c
    Minimum: 2.3°c

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    1,628 mm

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    Tropical, Sub-Tropical, Temparate, Sub-Alpine & Alpine

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    Hotel, Lodge, Resort and Community Home Stay

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    Dance- Lakhe, Maruni, Ghatu, Salejo, Lekhi, Thado Bhaka

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    Pokhara - Abu Khaireni 84 km Abu Khaireni - Gorkha 26 km

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    Health Service

    District Hospital, Primary Health Care, Health Post, Clinic

The identity of Gorkha is always linked to the history of wars and bravery the world over. More than 250 years ago, Gorkha which was ruled by king Prithivi Narayan Shah was the starting point for the unification of small states and principalities to form present Nepal. Due to his leadership role in the unification of Nepal, King Prithivi Narayan Shah is also known as the founder of the nation. King Prithivi Narayan Shah’s palace continues to stand on top of a hill in Gorkha, symbolically representing the bravery and pride of the Gurkha soldiers.

Prithivi highway which links Kathmandu to Pokhara. There is a statue of king Prithivi Narayan Shah in the town center in recognition of his leadership role and contribution to Nepal’s identity.

According to historical records, king Prithivi Narayan Shah is reported to have taken with his Newari artisans and craftsmen when he first visited the Kathmandu valley. These craftsmen were Instrumental in the many Newar style architecture, houses, and monuments that were built in Gorkha which are still present today.

The district headquarter of Gorkha district in Gorkha include the palace of King Drabya Shah, Gorkha bazaar which falls under Prithvi Narayan Ligligkot, Srinathkot, and the 22 armories and forts municipality. It is 25 km north along a section of the district.

Other key attractions in Gorkha district:

  • Ramshah Chautari
  • Palungtar Airstrip
  • Birendra Lake
  • Khoplang Hotspring
  • Ligligkot and Sixteen other Kots
  • Takukot
  • Shulikot-Rupakot
  • Chepe Ghat
  • Boksiraha – Chepe River- Ekadashi Fair
  • Bhimsen Park, Bakreshwari Temple
  • Sita Cave
  • Lakhan Cave
  • Ram Shah Ghat, Weekly Fair
  • Laprak Monastery
  • Gorakh Nath Cave
  • Budhi Gandaki Rafting
  • Narad Pokhari
  • Bhimsen Thapa Garden
  • Manaslu-Dharche Trekking trail
  • Rubinala-Manaslu Trek
  • Manaslu Circuit
  • Tsum Valley
  • Kalpa Lake
  • Sirdibas
  • Udiya Hot Spring
  • Ganesh Himal Trekking Trail
  • Bhume Temple
  • Bhachchek
  • Aarughat
SNDistrictName of Home StayMunicipality/ Rural MunicipalityWard No.
1GorkhaBetani Community HomestaySahidlakhan Rural Municipality2
2Paslang Community HomestayGorkha Municipality9
3Pachyan Gaun Community HomestayPalungtar Municipality3
4Barpak Community HomestayBarpak Sulikot Rural Municipality2
5Chame Chahara Community HomestayAjirkot Rural Municipality1
6Buddhanamki Community HomestayAjirkot Rural Municipality1
7Jhyallabhume Community HomestayAjirkot Rural Municipality4
8Pragati Community HomestayAjirkot Rural Municipality4
9Sahid Lakhan Community HomestaySahidlakhan Rural Municipality7
10Kholwa Aarubot Community HomestaySiranchowk Rural Municipality7
11Narayan Pokhari Community HomestayDharche Rural Municipality3
12Khorla Besi Community HomestayDharche Rural Municipality3
13Gumdagaun Local Food Community HomestayDharche Rural Municipality5
14Yamgaun Community HomestayDharche Rural Municipality5
15Patiwara Community HomestayGandaki Rural Municipality2
16Tarangpakha Community HomestayDharche Rural Municipality5
17Ganeh Himal Community HomestayDharche Rural Municipality1
18Nyak Rupinala Community HomestayChunumbri Rural Municipality 3
19Singha Community HomestayDharche Rural Municipality5
20Malkunti Community HomestayDharche Rural Municipality3
21Bhalewa Dudhpokhari Community HomestayChunumbri Rural Municipality 3
22Mulabari Community HomestayBarpak Sulikot Rural Municipality7
23Raniswara Magarat Community HomestayGandaki Rural Municipality5
24Cultural Community HomestayDharche Rural Municipality4
25Liglig Maiwal Community HomestayPalungtar Municipality3
26Birinchowk Community HomestayGorkha Municipality10
27Thotneri Community HomestayBarpak Sulikot Rural Municipality3
28Kerauja Community HomestayDharche Rural Municipality2