Mahabhir Waterfall Rappelling/ Canyoning

The waterfall is the highest...

Bungee Jump, Sky Cycling and Adventure swing

The bungee jump spot which...

Painyukot Temple

This place is historical significance...

Kushma Modibeni Area

The area is known for...

Sedibeni Shaligram Shila

The Shaligram Shila which is...


The huge Mahashila plateau which...

Chisapani Kalika

Situated 2,266m above sea level,...

Dahare Neelkanth Mountain

This area has been vividly...

Panchase Panchadham

The area which is located...

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    Longitude: 83°33’41’’- 83°49’31’’ Latitude: 28°00’19’’-28°23’58’’

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    Maximum: 33°c Minimum: 7.5°c

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    2,706.4 mm

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    Tropical, Sub-Tropical, & Temperate

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    Hotel, Lodge, Resort and Community Home Stay

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    Dance- Maruni, Lakhe, Dhatu, Nachari, Kheli, Salejo, Rodi, Gallai Lahurae, Hanuman

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    Pokhara to Kusma 2 hours, Roads mostly dirt tracks

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    Health Service

    District Hospital, Primary Health Center, Health Post, Clinic

Despite being small in size, Parbat’s geography is unique with its highland, varied landscapes and myriad climate. To the north of the district lies the highlands of Hampal and Kalanzar mountains, in the middle the Panchase and Dahare, and in the south the mountains of Chisapani and Golrang.

This district is home to Nepal’s highest hanging bridges the Kushma-Gyadi, Kushma- Balewa Yantrick Bridge and the Kurgha-Phalewas bridges. Rides along the Kaligandaki river is a key attraction in the district. For history enthusiast, the Jumli post in Khaula, Painyukot of Hoshrangdi and the historical palace and forts of Dhunwakot are areas of interest.

In recent times, the district has been able to carve a name for its Dhaka and Allo fabrics which have domestic and international markets. Various Nepali hog plum (Lapsi) products are another attraction of this district.

Other tourism destinations in Parbat:
Gupteshwor Cave
Alpeshwor, Parvati, Laleshwar, Gangadhar,
Chamere and Shital Caves
Khaniyaghat Shukleshwor Mahadev Temple
Mohore Danda Sunrise and Mountain View
Deupurkot, Kalika Temple
Gorlang Rudradevisthan
Kushma-Balewa Yantrik Bridge
Sahashradhara Divyadham
Sahashradhara Barahi and Janai Purnima Fair
Allo Fabric
Jumlithana – the fort of the 24 principalities
Fulbari Durbar
Chhatiwan Tree
Sang Dang Dorje Chholing Monastery, Arthur
Thulipokhari (biggest man made pond in the
Chuchen Deurali Devi & Jimire Devi Temple
Durlang kot- fort of the Malla king of Parbat
Ramja Kot – fort of the King of Kaskikot
Purna Gaun Barah Pond and Temple
Phalame Danda

Kwangko waterfall – 500 meter height
Bachchheshwar Tourism Area
Lungryang Deurali Danda
Saatmule Baraha Temple and Waterfall
Dangsing Tourism Botanical Garden
Limikot, Purkot, Khurkot, Maulakot and 12 other Kots
Food items made from Nepali Hog Plum (Lapsi)
Kushma Gyadi-Karkineta-Dahare Trek
Ghhumaune lake-Baanskharka- Naagi-Hampal Trek
Nayapul-Tangle-Bhamarkot-Hampal-Ghorepani Trek
Panchase-Paatichaur-Bhamarkot-Ghorepani Trek
Panchase-Arthur to Sedibeni Trek via Karkineta
Andha Andhi- Batulae Chaur Religious Trail
Charpala Trek
Shahashradhara-Banau-Thulideurali-Hampal Trek
Temples and Monasteries around Kushma
Iron Mine Observatory and Mining Tunnels
Maruni, Ghatu, Nachari and Other Indigenous Cultures
Salejo, Rodi, Kheli, Sorathi and other Music
Nirgun Bhajan (hymns) and Stories
Batuk and Birimla (Cuisines of the Magars)
Engineering education tours around the Modi River

SNDistrictName of Comunnity HomestayMunicipality/ Rural MunicipalityWard Number
1ParwatChanaute Community HomestayKushma Municipality 3
2Khuijori Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality4
3Saldada Community HomestayBihadi Rural Municipality1
4Panchase Karaulegaun Community HomestayKushma Municipality 14
5Bachheswor Community HomestayBihadi Rural Municipality1
6Chitre Gramin Pryatan Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality8
7Baraha Halhale Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality4
8Ramja Thulopokhari Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality7
9Ramja Thati Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality7
10Paiyun Garlang Community HomestayMahashila Rural Municipality1
11Duktan Prayatan Community HomestayMahashila Rural Municipality5
12Hariyali Prayatan Community HomestayMahashila Rural Municipality4
13Sarbudanda Prayatan Community HomestayMahashila Rural Municipality2
14Lamtung Gramin Prayatan Community HomestayMahashila Rural Municipality4
15Musirani Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality5
16Bhukdeurali Namunagau Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality1
17Panglekot Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality1
18Panchakoshi Sa. HoKushma Municipality14
19Lapsibot Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality1
20Hilaekang bhorle Community HomestayPayou Rural Municipality4
21Centerpoint Community HomestayPayou Rural Municipality4
22Sunakhari Community HomestayKushma Municipality13
23Geptang Community HomestayBihadi Rural Municipality5
24Saligramchhap Community HomestayBihadi Rural Municipality6
25Phalebash Community HomestayPhalebash Municipality5
26Daharedeurali Community HomestayPhalebash Municipality2
27Bashkharka Community HomestayJaljala Rural Municipality1
28Thulipokhari Community Homestay Kushma Municipality12
29Limibhumikot Community HomestayPhalebash Municipality3
30Charbhanjung Community HomestayPhalebash Municipality8
31Kholabhumikot Community HomestayKushma Municipality13
32Shilashaligram Community HomestayBihadi Rural Municipality6
33Purnagau Deurali Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality4
34Lespar Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality3
35Cang Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality4
36Daha Community HomestayMahashila Rural Municipality3
37Jampur Community HomestayMahashila Rural Municipality1
38Phulbari Community HomestayKushma Municipality11
39Mandali Community HomestayMahashila Rural Municipality6
40Jayagau Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality6
41Himalayan Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality6
42Sarunchaur Community HomestayKushma Municipality3
43Bhawangrakot Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality2
44Janajagaran Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality2
45Ginang Community HomestayPayou Rural Municipality2
46Wanwanday Community HomestayJaljala Rural Municipality5
47Lowpreflamedada Community HomestayJaljala Rural Municipality5
48Tarejaljala Community HomestayJaljala Rural Municipality6
49Panchashila Community HomestayModi Rural Municipality7
50Sitalgufa Community HomestayBihadi Rural Municipality2
51Kushma Community HomestayKushma Municipality7