Andha-Andhi Pond

The Andha-Andhi pond is the...

Garhaun Kalika

Prior to Nepal's unification ,...

Sworek Maidan Paragliding/Sworekkot and Cave

The Sworek paragliding sport area...

Kaligandaki Barrage

Water transportation has been developing...

Chhaya Chhetra Temple (Chhangchhangdi)

The temple which is located...

Aalam Devi Temple

The temple which is situated...

Sataun Chandi Temple

The temple is located in...


Sirubari as a tourism destination...

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    Longitude: 83°23’32’’- 84°02’04’’ Latitude: 27°52’4.5’’-28°13’17’’

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    Maximum: 36.2°c Minimum: 4.4°c

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    Tropical, Sub-tropical & Temperate

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    Hotel, Lodge, Resort and Community Home Stay

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    Dance- Maruni, Lakhe, Ghatu, Nachari, Kheli, Salejo, Rodi, Gallai Laurae

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    From Pokhara to Syangja on the Siddhartha highway 42 km

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    Health Service

    Hospital, Health Post, Clinic, Ayurvedic Centers

Syangja’s district headquarter Putali bazar is 265km from Kathmandu through Pokhara. The Siddhartha highway runs through Syangja which has a diverse culture with many languages, indigenous people and representation of an inclusive society. The district is connected to Nepal’s southern border town of Bhairahawa and northern town of Pokhara by the Siddhartha highway. While the Brahmins and Chhetris of the district are synonymously linked to the country’s government services and bureaucracy, the Gurungs and Magars are either linked to the British or Indian armies. Syangja as a district is known as a place with the highest literacy rate in Nepal.

Syangja’s other tourism destinations:

  • Sheetala Devi Temple
  • Juri Temple
  • Suntala (Orange) Village Homestay
  • Dahare Deurali
  • Ramkot and Baghe Gaun Homestay
  • Bear Hill (Bhalu Pahaad)
  • Ramche Devi Temple
  • Shivalaya Temple
  • Khamu Hale Village Trek
  • Khilung Deurali Paragliding Spot
  • Panchase Religious and Conservation Area
  • Ramdi Ghat Rafting
  • Kailash Cave
  • Manakamana Temple
  • Nepal Nimwark Peeth
  • Sundar Chaur Vegetation Information Center
  • Gunikhola Religious Site
  • Bhirkot Paragliding Station
  • Girekot Tourism Area
  • Shirshekot Maidan Paragliding Station
  • Tamkikot Historic and Tourism Area
  • Harinash Tourism Area
  • Radha Damodar Keladighat Religious Area
  • Mattikhan Tourism Area
  • Shiva Temple
  • Purkot Tourism Area
  • Ramdanda Tourism Area
  • Pitlek
  • Siraunsa Agri Tourism (Orange)
  • Udiyachaur Agri Tourism (Vegetable)
  • Kaulesirshakot
  • Satra Pokhari
  • Majhkot, Budhakot
  • Keore Bankata
  • Lankakot
  • Danisaya
  • Aandikhola Rafting
  • Kolmakot
  • Kyuthum
  • Khasruko Lek (Oak Highlands)
SNDistrictName of Comunnity HomestayMunicipality/ Rural MunicipalityWard Number
1SyangjyaPokharichhap Community HomestayPutalibazar Municipality9
2Pitlake Deurali Community HomestayWaling Municipality5
3Aalamdevi Community HomestayVirkot Municipality7
4Gejha Musical Community HomestayGalyang Municipality9
5Loverkot Community HomestayGalyang Municipality11
6Tamkikot Homestay of Salyan VillageGalyang Municipality5
7Gejha Community HomestayGalyang Municipality9
8Pelakot Community HomestayGalyang Municipality7
9Rupakhani Community HomestayGalyang Municipality5
10Aalamdevi Community HomestayGalyang Municipality11
11Kapurdi Community HomestayGalyang Municipality7
12Banbhanjung Community HomestayGalyang Municipality11
13Reep Community HomestayGalyang Municipality8
14Lakhudanda Community HomestayGalyang Municipality10
15Maduwa Community HomestayAdhikhola Rural Municipality2
16Gwadi Community HomestayGalyang Municipality4
17Bhalthum Community HomestayGalyang Municipality6
18Lihudanda Community HomestayGalyang Municipality10
19Garangdi Community HomestayGalyang Municipality2
20Gau Community HomestayGalyang Municipality1
21Pakwadi Community HomestayGalyang Municipality10
22Baudha Tamu Community HomestayPhedikhola Rural Municipality5
23Pragati Maidan Chohanthok Community HomestayKaligandaki Rural Municipality6
24Deurali Community HomestayAadhikhola Rural Municipality1
25Sandikhola Community HomestayPutalibazar Municipality7
26Khilung Community HomestayVirkot Municipality7
27Chandrakottamu Village Community HomestayPutalibazar Municipality12
28Lamdanda Community HomestayArjunchaupari Rural Municipality2
29Millennium Bhaisegauda Community HomestayPutalibazar Municipality2
30Hunekot Community HomestayPutalibazar Municipality2
31Kolma Community HomestayPutalibazar Municipality9
32Chiruwa Community HomestayPutalibazar Municipality2
33Dudakot Ramche Community HomestayWaling Municipality3
34Suntalabari Community HomestayWaling Municipality4
35Aalamdevi Community HomestayKaligandaki Rural Municipality3
36Maidan Paryatan Community HomestayWaling Municipality12
37Laligurash Community HomestayKaligandaki Rural Municipality7
38Gahate Manakamana Community HomestayBiruwa Rural Municipality7
39Okhatipani Tamunasa Community HomestayVirkot Municipality8
40Dangsing Community HomestayWaling Municipality10
41Thaplesiddha Community HomestayPhedikhola Rural Municipality4
42Ramkot Community HomestayPhedikhola Rural Municipality1
43Sirubari Community HomestayAadhikhola Rural Municipality1
44Kanyadevi jyamire Community HomestayPutalibazar Municipality2
45Aayarpani Community HomestayPhedikhola Rural Municipality1
46Bhudrumpola Community HomestayAadhikhola Rural Municipality6